mobilPay is an advanced solution that combines a proprietary patented mobile payment system and a very flexible marketing platform.

mobilPay allows on-line and/or off-line merchants to dramatically increase their sales with minimum effort by integrating it along their regular marketing/sales flux.

the complete mobile payment solution

Customer Perspective

a fast, secure and easy to use mobile payment solution that allows users to conclude transactions independent of location, network, handset or currency.

Merchant Perspective

proven to increase sales with a unique approach to mobile payments. Instant measurable results in both on-line and off-line markets with minimum costs and effort.

key facts

  • - minimal implementation costs
  • - fast deployment
  • - secure and easy to use for buyers and merchants
  • - instant measurable results
  • - can integrate any currency or electronic payment method
  • - highly flexible and modular
  • - cost effective business model
  • - patented technology

we are working hard to expand globally and soon will take the world by storm.

Join us by adopting mobilPay as a merchant, customer or both.

The mobile payment revolution is here with the first true mobile wallet solution universally available, mobilPay